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In-between a surprisingly lengthy aside on Best Buy’s Geek Squad, the Remap Radio crew discusses Insomniac’s abandoned multiplayer Spider-Man game, Warner Bros. coldly erasing Adult Swim games from Steam, the formation of a huge new games union, and more. Elsewhere, while Patrick remains parked in mini-game city in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, he has seen the (gaming) light with Moonlight on his PC. We also discuss the more toxic elements of the Helldivers 2 community, bemoan a lack of Balatro wins, and answer some questions.

Discussed: Warner Bros. Deleting Adult Swim Games 1:52, Spider-Man Live Service Game Canceled 18:54, Super Mario Movie Getting a Sequel 32:06, QA Workers Unionize at Microsoft 35:26, MOONLIGHT 41:43, Helldivers 2 1:21:17, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth 1:40:52, Persona 5 Royale 1:47:34, Balatro 1:50:02, The Question Bucket 1:55:51, Outro and Announcement 2:17:28

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