Remap Radio – Honey, The Gamers Are Toxic Again

Remap Staff


If you’re unaware of the Sweet Baby Inc. “controversy” that’s stirred online, bless you. But Gamergate wasn’t all that long ago, prompting Patrick, Janet, Rob, and Cado to mull the latest attempt by gamers to invent a boogeyman over their own insecurities. We also chat about Nintendo suing Yuzu into the ground, wonder if Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth’s overflowing mini-games are too much, and find a new passion: getting stuck in the mud in SnowRunner.

Discussed: Balatro 1:34, Sweet Baby Inc. Is Being Targeted 19:18, Yuzu Emulator Settles for $2.4 Million 1:03:59, Marty O'Donnell is Running for Congress 1:14:36, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth 1:24:26, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth 1:34:21, Dark Forces Remaster 2:09:42, Persona 5 Royale 2:16:55, Expeditions: Mudrunner 2:21:08, The Question Bucket 2:34:02, Outro and Announcements 2:49:42

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