I Burned Myself Out Playing Too Much of a Game I Loved

I tried to play Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth like a "normal person," and it was a huge mistake.
Patrick Klepek

This Week at Remap

My Turn heads to the post apocalypse! Another intimate developer chat! Manor Lords! Lots of articles!
Patrick Klepek
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Patrick Chats With Designer Jordi de Paco

Patrick sits down to chat with Jordi de Paco of Deconstructeam (Gods Will Be Watching) about his path through the games industry.
Remap Staff
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Sphinx Mommy - Daddy's Dogma (Part 8)

Answer me these riddles three, what would you do for a sphinx mommy? How would you show her your pedigree? And how would you write your own riddle spree?
Remap Staff

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