What's Remap?

Remap is a new media company from the creators of the long-running video game website, Waypoint, and its popular adjoining podcast, Waypoint Radio. Join Rob Zacny, Ricardo Contreras, Patrick Klepek, and a rotating cast of friends as they set off on a new adventure that has them obsessing over the video game Dragon’s Dogma nearly as much as they question the nature of capitalism.

Remap is funded by, and only exists because, of its supporters. Sign up here.

At Remap, you can expect multiple podcasts and streams each week about a variety of topics, including but not limited to games, rooting for sports teams that break your heart, inflatable hot tubs, hanging out on car auction websites, and more. At its core, Remap is about video games, but we can't help ourselves.

Here's what Remap currently has in rotation, depending on the week:

  • Remap Radio — A weekly video game news and discussion podcast.
  • HOA — An intimate discussion about the places we live and spend time in.
  • Sports! — Two Chicago sports fans discussing their latest sadness, while dipping their toes into discussions about other sports throughout the year.
  • After Dark — A podcast about what it's like to build a business.
  • My Turn — A movie podcast where each host takes a turn picking a movie.

Remap is divided into multiple tiers: free, basic, and foundation. Some podcasts, like HOA, only appear at the Foundation tier level. Other podcasts, like Sports!, are published first at the basic tier, and then appear on the free feed. When and where those podcasts appear, and in which tiers, is in flux as we develop Remap.

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