Remap Radio 52 – The Summer of Games

Remap Staff


Over the past weekend, Janet and Patrick spent many hours wandering Geoff Keighley’s latest Summer Game Fest event, playing and seeing games like Astro Bot, Zoochosis, STALKER 2, While Waiting, Dragon Age: The Veilguard, and many more. Elsewhere, Cado, Patrick, and Rob have been dipping their toes into Steam’s Next Fest celebration. Oh, and we’re prepping for next week’s big in-person Remap first anniversary stream that kicks off on Friday evening!

Discussed: Summer Game Fest 4:18, Zoochosis 22:53, STALKER 2 32:25, Marty O'Donnell loses his congressional race 43:39, break 51:19, Flock 51:31, AstroBot 58:28, Lego Horizons 1:12:53, Dragon Age Voidguard 1:16:59, Shadow of the Erdtree 1:44:05, Harmonium 1:49:54, While Waiting 1:54:47, Perfect Dark 2:05:23, Steam Next Fest 2:13:01, Pinball Spire 2:14:50, Keylocker 2:18:40, Thank Goodness You're Here 2:21:24, Golden Lap 2:27:28, Tactical Breach Wizards 2:36:12, Demonschool 2:38:46, Dungeons and Degenerate Gamblers 2:42:56, Outro and Announcements 2:48:10

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