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Remap Radio 51 – The Future is Open World Dress Up Sims

Remap Staff


We kick off by recapping Sony’s State of Play, in which Rob unfairly asks the rest of the group to restrain themselves from spending the entire hour talking about Astro Bot. But that gives Cado, Patrick, and Janet plenty of time to unpack Infinity Nikki and consider gaming’s open world dress up future. Elsewhere, we chat about Amazon making a Yakuza TV show and Google workers leaking Nintendo information. On the games front, Rob’s finished up F1 23’s campaign, Cado’s trying to play Destiny, and Patrick’s really digging two new indies, RKGK and Nine Sols.

Discussed: Yakuza Game In the Works 3:23, Playstation State of Play 18:43, Silent Hill 2 Remaster 19:22, Concord 21:56, Marvel Rivals 34:36, Infinity Nikki 37:41, Until Dawn Remaster 45:42, Astro Bot 49:29, Google Contractor Used Admin Access to Leak Info From Private Nintendo YouTube Video 1:09:01, Rob's Tire Woes 1:19:20, F1 Flashpoint 1:30:53, RKGK 1:50:46, Nine Sols 1:52:44, Destiny 2: The Final Shape 2:06:29, The Question Bucket 2:13:33, Outro and Announcements 2:41:14

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