Remap Radio 31 — i'm not owned!!

Remap Staff


The full crew—Rob, Patrick, Janet, Cado—is back. We recorded this ahead of the Xbox Direct, but there’s still plenty to chew on, including Square Enix openly talking about using generative AI in a game, Ubisoft+ training people to become comfortable with not owning their games, and more. We also unpack Home Safety Hotline, Trepang2, the endgame of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and consider a deep question: so, how long should you hold onto a document?

Discussed: Ubisoft+ 9:59, Thunderful lays off 30% of its employees 38:12, Square Enix uses AI in Foamstars 45:40, Epic vs Apple suit 1:01:13, Home Safety Hotline 1:30:56, Prince of Persia:The Lost Crown 1:46:20, The Question Bucket 1:59:04

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