Remap Radio 21 – But It Might Work for Us

Remap Staff


We’re once again joined by Carli Velocci, this time to reveal why we started working with Carli in the first place: Remap has a new website! We’re publishing words again! There are changes coming to the tiers! But it’s all good and exciting news, and to celebrate, we’re doing something exciting: opening up The Question Bucket again! But we still have plenty of games to talk about, including Patrick cheating to beat Blasphemous 2, and Carli working through mixed feelings about Devolver’s Wizard With a Gun. But hey, at least Spider-Man 2 seems real good!

Discussed: The New Remap Radio Dot Com 5:14, Analogue Pocket 34:43, The Question Bucket 36:24, Forza Motorsport 7 1:15:35, Total War Pharaoh 1:19:48, Blasphemous 2 1:30:14, Wizard with a Gun 1:44:01, Spider Man 2 1:55:38, Steam Next Fest Demos 2:02:30, Outro and Announcements 2:08:38

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