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This Week at Remap

Rob Zacny

It hit me today that PAX East is going to be the first time Patrick, Cado, and I have all been together since the layoff. In fact I haven't seen Cado since a rainy day in late 2022 where we played Motorsport Manager for seven hours in the basement of VICE HQ. I remember trudging back up Wythe Ave. getting soaked to the bone and thinking how badly I wished VICE had the budget to let me stay another night so I wouldn't have to drive home in a downpour. I didn't think it was the last time I'd be down there, despite the funereal atmosphere that hung over the increasingly empty office every time I visited.

I'd probably have been a bit more cognizant of the fact that Team Remap haven't seen each other in a year and a half if the nature of our work didn't mean we spend about 12 hours a week talking to each other on shows and streams. It feels like I see Patrick and Cado all the time, but also I feel like this week is a bit like when Frodo wakes up to see all his friends and they just laugh and laugh and laugh.

We've got a pretty light schedule for PAX, since schedules always fill up once you're at an event. We're hopefully going to be meeting some of our audience on Saturday from 4-6 at the Birch Bar in the hotel attached to the convention center. In many ways that's the bar where The HOA began, as Patrick explained to me over drinks in 2018 the secret of buying a house without 20% down (the secret was low interest rates, low home prices, and mortgage insurance—only that last one is still relevant, unfortunately).

That said: we've got articles, the Oberhof boys are still out here winning in 2024, and we've got podcasts. We might be shorthanded on a short week, but if there's one thing we know how to do, it's making a lot with a little. Hopefully you enjoy the product as much as we enjoy the process.

  • Tuesday: We're streaming Motorsport Manager at 2 Eastern.
  • Wednesday: Publishing our Shin Godzilla podcast
  • Friday: Publishing Remap Radio, Rob is hosting a panel at PAX
  • Saturday: Meetup at Birch Bar, 4-6 Eastern

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Rob Zacny (he/him) is a cofounder and partner at Remap. In addition to his work at Remap, he is the host of A More Civilized Age: A Star Wars Podcast and a panelist on Shift+F1, a Formula 1 racing podcast. You can follow his increasingly inactive social media presence on Twitter, and Bluesky.

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