A beautiful photo from our last Waypoint panel, at PAX East 2019, captured by Sam Route.

Beers Taste Better In Person

Patrick Klepek & Rob Zacny

Patrick: Rob, for a long time, we couldn’t come to a group decision on where to have our Remap meetup at PAX East. One reason was because I’d initially tasked you, a person who lives around Boston, with trying to find a place. At one point, you revealed you were “looking around train routes in the Boston area” and it dawned upon me you were trying to find a perfect place instead of just…well, a place. Which is reasonable. This is the Rob way of things. Bless you.

We haven’t been around one another since VICE told us we were losing our jobs in late April. I think we did a big stream with Natalie and some other people earlier that year? Time is fuzzy. But it was a blast, and I’m still upset we haven’t A) revisited Saw: The Video Game and B) finished off the Twilight movies. (I think I can promise that, at least, we’ll get to B someday.)

More specifically, we haven’t been around one another since the biggest change in my personal life since the birth of my second child: becoming a full-time small business owner and starting Remap with you and Cado. It's been even longer since we attended a game convention as a group. That was probably PAX East 2019, where these (in)famous events unfolded on stage?

(Behind the scenes note: the slide of me “drunk” in the presentation was a lie. I can’t remember what prompted me to fall to the floor, but it was some other revelation that had me cracking up at that bar. While I do believe we’d just finished a massive group drink of questionable alcohol, I agreed with Austin’s assessment that the “story” was funnier if I played along for the panel.)

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