The Bear S2 - Finale

Remap Staff

It might be opening night of The Bear at the end of its second season, but it marks the close of our time Bear Hunting. We won't let you go without a feast, however. We have a long discussion of "Forks", a standout episode in a great season but one with some odd notes and subtexts. We discuss the shipping discourse around Carmy and Syd and the intimacy of their badly flawed creative partnership. Then it's on to the opening night itself as Carmy's failure and vulnerabilities all come rushing out into the open even as the Bear himself gets trapped in Chekhov's walk-in. Plus, we finally get what we've waited all season for: a big Pete scene, which might also be an even more devastating performance from Jamie Lee Curtis than we got in "Fishes." Finally we dig into questions about the show's selective depiction of Chicago, and its idealization of things it also wants us to be skeptical of.

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