Remap Radio – It Never Ends

Remap Staff


It’s another week of layoffs, this time at Electronic Arts, PlayStation, Supermassive, and Deck Nine. Sadly, there will probably be more by the time this podcast is edited and released. Is this all part of a great realignment in video games? Where does the industry go from here? Patrick and Janet, at least, are continuing to have a great time in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, while Cado has been fully unleashed in the poker-inspired Balatro, and Rob contemplates a PSVR2 (??).

Discussed: Massive Layoffs Continue Across The Game Industry 6:49, Saber Interactive Leaves Embracer 1:06:32, Helldivers 2 1:11:55, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth 1:17:38, Balatro 1:52:42, The Question Bucket 2:30:13

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