Image courtesy of Ascendant Studios

Remap Radio — A Perfect Holiday Break

Remap Staff


Patrick, Rob, and Cado convene after winding down 2023 to reflect on how absolutely nothing went wrong over their respective breaks. Things? Done. Drinks? Drank. Vacations? Taken. No notes. But we do have notes on beating Alan Wake II in the wake of James McCaffrey’s passing, indulging our fullest selves in many hours of the overlooked Immortals of Aveum, and basking in the power of a Steam Deck while sick. (And don’t worry, Janet will return next week.)

Discussed: James McCaffrey Passes Away 27:26, Alan Wake 2 35:30, Immortals of Aveum 52:51, Mobile Suit Baba 1:19:53, The Question Bucket 1:50:01

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