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Remap Radio 54 - Not Like Us (Reprise)

Remap Staff


It’s impossible to begin anywhere but with the ongoing, evolving, and increasingly upsetting story surrounding the popular streamer Herschel "Guy" Beahm, aka Dr. Disrespect, and what it says about applications of justice at places like YouTube and Twitch. We touch on the Elden Ring difficulty discourse, in light of Shadow of the Erdtree dropping, before chatting about Janet revisiting Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Patrick digging deep into Nine Sols, and the group wondering if the game of the year is The Game of Sisyphus, a game about rolling a boulder. Oh, and there’s another installment in Landlord Talk (™). This one somehow involves a funeral.

Discussed: Remap's Anniversary Stream 16:28, Dr. Disrespect Was Twitch Banned for Sexually Explicit Messages to a Minor on Twitch 30:26, The Difficulty Discourse Returns around Elden Ring DLC 1:10:30, An Early Question Bucket 1:28:17, One Million Checkboxes 1:42:53, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth 1:43:30, Nine Sols 1:59:41, The Game of Sisyphus 2:02:13, Farm Simulator 19 2:15:57, Outro and Announcements 2:27:45

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