Still Wakes the Deep
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Remap Radio 53 - Direct Hit

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Rob, Patrick, and Janet discuss the Nintendo Direct, the cancellation of Life by You and the cycle of missteps at Paradox Interactive, the ups-and-downs of Eugen Systems’ RTS games, and life aboard a haunted oil rig in Still Wakes the Deep. But first, the gang show what it means to live the Good Life by discussing Selaco, the Doom-derived FEAR-like that has been kicking butts and (trailer voice) BLOWING THEIR MINDS.

Discussed: 3:32 - Selaco, 28:42 - Nintendo Direct, 1:13:07 - Life by You & Paradox Interactive, 1:27:43 - A brief Bloodborne Interlude, 1:32:08 - CATO, 1:38:50 - CONSCRIPT, 1:44:34 - Glyphica: Typing Survival, 1:50:23 - Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, 1:54:16 - I Am Your Beast, 2:02:42 - WARNO, 2:14:24 - Still Wakes the Deep

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