Remap Radio 45 — Can the FTC Ban Balatro?

Remap Staff


We start by digging into the shockingly hopeful news that the FTC has declared non-competes illegal, before trying to make sense of Embracer splitting itself into pieces. Elsewhere, Patrick and Janet have been playing—and trying to make sense of—Tales of Kenzera: Zau, a new Metroidvania centered on grief. Rob, meanwhile, just keeps playing Balatro, while Cado has been taking out cultists in the puzzle shooter (??) Children of the Sun. Finally, we talk about the very brave concessions we make for the partners in our lives. Or, in Rob’s case, getting tricked. (edited)

Discussed: FTC Bans Non-Compete Clauses 4:32, Embracer Group Balkanized 31:06, Tales of Kenzara: Zau 55:22, Hidden Folks 1:25:50, Dragon's Dogma 2 1:35:53, Balatro 1:44:03, Children of the Sun 1:47:06, The Question Bucket 1:58:37, Outro and Announcements 2:43:40

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