Remap Radio 42 — Welcoming Xbox AI and Jacob Geller

Remap Staff


Jacob Geller joins Rob, Patrick, and Janet to discuss Microsoft's new "new AI assistant" and how we expect AI to be deployed to make everyday experiences easier and definitely less frustrating. Plus, Jacob's publishing a book with Lost in Cult, and we talk about the two Stellar Blades: the one that's being treated as a reactionary victory, and the character action game that actually exists.

0:33 - How a Game Lives

11:22 - XBox AI

45:19 - Total War but also Fort Condor

59:40 - Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

1:19:52 - Princess Peach: Showtime!

1:36:12 - Stellar Blade

1:56:08 - Rise of the Ronin

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