Image courtesy of The Game Awards

Remap Radio 28 — Hail to the Keighley

Remap Staff


It’s time to close out the year with Janet, Patrick, Cado, and Rob, as we discourse on what The Game Awards means in a world where events like E3 are going away, try to make sense of Kojima teaming up with A24 for a Death Stranding movie, and more. We also spend a lot of time unpacking our thoughts on Alan Wake 2, and run through a bunch of other games, including Lunacid, The Last Train Home, Station to Station, Cryptmaster, and, yes, more. We conclude with thanking you for supporting the launch of Remap, while dipping into The Question Bucket.

Discussed: The Game Awards 2:51, Kojima is making a Movie with A24 30:51, The Day After Devs Implode 39:34, Total War Devs Apologize 53:32, Google vs Epic outcome 1:04:08, Alan Wake II 1:12:32, Highland Song 1:39:05, 40k Rogue Trader 1:51:21, Lunacid 2:02:06, Cryptmaster 2:10:42, Station to Station 2:18:03, The Last Train Home 2:23:06, The Question Bucket 2:30:19

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