Remap Radio 24 — A Mountain of News and Games

Remap Staff


Rob couldn’t join us for Remap Radio this week, but he’ll be back next week! Thankfully, Janet Garcia is back with the rest of the crew to talk through the endless parade of video game news, like more layoffs, a live-action Zelda movie, GTA 6 on the horizon, serious questions over live service games, surprising new game media adventures, and more. There’s an equally endless parade of games, as well, including Jusant, Fashion Dreamer, World of Horror, and others.

Discussed: Layoffs at Ubisoft Montreal 16:18, Aftermath Launches 20:11, Live Service Games at WB and Sony 46:18, The Legend of Zelda Move Announced 1:08:03, Fashion Dreamer 1:20:37, World of Horror 1:39:47, Steam Deck OLED 1:51:29, Jusant 1:59:53, The Question Bucket 2:14:16

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