Remap Radio 20 - Lords of the Copy Desk

Remap Staff


Gaming critic and editor Carli Velocci joins the crew this week, which thankfully now includes the newly recovered Ricardo Contreras. After talking through Carli’s journey in gaming media, we have another slew of bummer news stories in the video games industry, including layoffs at Telltale. In more positive developments, John Riccitiello has been booted from Unity and some developers at CD Projekt RED are trying to unionize. Elsewhere, Cado’s also been digging Cocoon, while Patrick’s not very high on the new Soulslike, Lords of the Fallen. Fortunately, Rob is extremely into Robocop: Rogue City, and Carli cannot stop playing The Mortuary Assistant.

Discussed - Telltale hit with Layoffs 34:15, CD Projekt workers Unionize 43:05, Paradox has written off Lamplighter's League 49:38, Lamplighter's League 57:53, Redfall Update 1:17:02, John Riccitiello out at Unity 1:25:02, Cocoon 1:34:26, The Mortuary Assistant 1:47:24, Lords of the Fallen 2:01:39, Robocop: Rogue City 2:14:00, Outro and Announcements 2:29:36

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