Remap Radio 18 - Austin Walker May Eventually Discuss Dragon's Dogma 2

Remap Staff


It's Dragon's Dogma 2 day at Remap as the gang welcome back Austin Walker and bid farewell to Ren but first they have to have a little sports talk. Then they will discuss Dragon's Dog—Wait, what's this? A Jack Ryan, Jr. series of novels? What is the latest news of the Clancy-verse? With those subjects dealt with the gang tackles the wave of layoffs in the industry, including the massive bloodletting at Epic, and talk about the (regrettably unsuccessful, since recording) unionization drive at a Corsair factory in Georgia. But after the news that gang is well and truly ready to talk about Dragon's Dogma.... actually did you know Ren and Austin attended the event together and enjoyed the cool early autumn air outside before playing Dragon's Dogma 2? What are your late summer / early autumn treats? How do you feel about crocs? How do you think it would go with some weird AI-generated Chicago Bears merchandise? As the show crosses the two hour mark, the conversation finally gets Ren and Austin into their actual demo session. Can they talk about the game before Austin has to leave for other commitments? Can Austin get a word in about Armored Core and Cyberpunk? Listen to find out!

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