Remap Radio 16 - Not So United

Remap Staff


Patrick, Cado, and Ren unpack the mess Unity created after its latest destructive path to profitability, before talking through the newest Nintendo Direct. Elsewhere, the crew discusses its time with Lies of P, Time Bandit, Gunbrella, and beating the latest Armored Core multiple times. Finally, in The Question Bucket, we try to understand super mario rap (dirty).

Discussed: Unity Makes a Mess of Monitization 11:32, Nintendo Direct 44:38, Armored Core VI 1:02:32, New Game Plus Spoilers for AC VI 1:06:42 , Back to Spoiler Free AC VI 1:11:06, Time Bandits 1:24:05, Gunbrella 1:32:12, Lies of P, The Question Bucket 1:52:09, AC New Game Plus spoilers again but for a joke this time 2:08:48

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