Remap Radio 13 - Everyone’s Launching a New Media Company Now

Remap Staff


A new Armored Core is here, and both Patrick and Ren have spent time with FromSoftware’s latest entry. Is this MechaSouls, a true Armored Core sequel, or something else? After checking in with Microsoft announcing it’s going to sell cloud streaming rights to Ubisoft as part of the ongoing Activision Blizzard sale, we host a lengthy conversation with the ex-VICE Motherboard folks about their new journalism venture, 404 Media. After a dip in The Question Bucket, our trio of Baldur’s Gate 3 adventurers swap tales of divergent storytelling, a bounty of glitches, and more.

Discussed: Armored Core VI 6:48, UK Blocked Microsoft-Activision Merger 39:29, Interview with 404 Media 1:02:34, The Question Bucket 2:25:42, The Baldur's Gate 3 Act 1 Spoiler Zone 2:52:38

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