Remap Radio 12 - Hot Takes, Broken Discourse, and Baldur’s Gate 3

Remap Staff


The Remap crew, well-known for their spicy takes that take three hours to unpack, tries to untangle the ongoing conversation about Baldur’s Gate 3, the realities of AAA game development, and how the current (and broken) media ecosystem fuels a toxic discourse. After, we learn more about Rob, Ren, and Cado’s adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3, Ren and Patrick go sicko mode on Blasphemous 2, and Patrick discovers a series of excellent card and board games made for kids. Finally, a question about media literacy sends us to the philosophy zone.

The Discourse Around Baldur’s Gate 3 1:54, Blasphemous 2 1:01:50, Kid Boad/Card Games Made By A Parent with Their Kid 1:20:52, The Question Bucket 1:33:07

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