Remap Radio 11 - My Two Girlfriends and That One Theater Bisexual We Hang Out With

Remap Staff


It seems the world has Baldur’s Gate Fever, and that doesn’t exclude the Remap Radio crew. Patrick chose an ideal week to be off so that Ren, Cado, and Rob could be their best goblin like CRPG selves. But first, Rob went looking for other spaces to find tactical bliss and ended up returning to Xenonauts 2. Then we get deep into zen and the art of cable management as Rob describes his weekend as the King of Executive Function. Then we time travel back to last week when Patrick was still around and he HAD to chat with Ren about Atlas Fallen because it’s just That Good. Finally, we dig into Baldur’s Gate 3, our characters, and where the TTRPG systems bend when being programmed vs. being run by a human being. Stay after the outdo for a special Spoiler Section where we go deep into Act 1, including a time where Cado got seemingly stuck (but only for a few days).

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