A screen shot from the (beautiful) Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure. Courtesy of Furniture & Mattress

This Week at Remap

Patrick Klepek

Oh, hell yes. It's been a surprisingly busy month of travel for yours truly, bouncing between Illinois to California, then California to Illinois, then Illinois to Washington D.C., Washington D.C. to Illinois, and later this week Illinois to New York, then New York to Illinois. I'm excited to take a break pretty soon, but at least it'll all be punctuated by an event we have been trying to make happen since we started Remap a little more than a year ago: an in-person livestream. This will be our first time renting a studio space, which means there might be some surprises in store for how all this works. But I'm choosing to be optimistic, because I'd like nothing more than to discover that we can keep one of my favorite parts of Waypoint alive and well at Remap, even though we know longer work for a "big" media company. So, please exercise some patience, but also...it's okay to get excited.

-pk, who still does not know if he can drink beer on this rented set

  • MONDAY: You'll hear interviews with the developers of Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure, Neva, and Harmonium: The Musical from my time at Summer Game Fest. More interviews to come in the weeks ahead, including, of course, Astro Bot. This will appear in every podcast feed.
  • TUESDAY: Cado and I will watch the latest Nintendo "Please Release Silksong" Direct, before running through another batch of Steam Next Fest demos. In the afternoon, Rob and I will be recording a new episode of HOA. Boy, do I have stories to share about trying to fix my A/C unit...
  • WEDNESDAY: HOA will hit Foundation/Library tier feeds, and we'll record Remap Radio a little early, because of the travel/setup for later this week.
  • THURSDAY: The wheel spins again, before I pack a bag for NYC.
  • FRIDAY: Remap Radio arrives! We'll do a brief stream in the evening to make sure our setup works (fingers crossed!), before trying not to drink too much the night before we kick off the real festivities on Saturday and Sunday. We don't have defined end times for Saturday, but Sunday has to end in time for me to help clean up and hit a 9pm flight, so!

If you have any support issues, send details on the issue to support@remapradio.com.

Patrick Klepek (he/him) is an editor at Remap. In another life, he worked on horror movie sets, but instead, he also runs Crossplay, a newsletter about parenting and video games. You can follow him on TwitterThreadsMastodon, and Bluesky.

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