Still shocked how good this show was.

This Week at Remap

Patrick Klepek

Please pray for me. The weather is beginning to turn a little warm here, so I turned on the AC for the first time, and it's making a loud noise. A loud noise might not be a big deal! A loud noise could be a big deal! I just looked up how much it costs for the most catastrophic scenario of an AC unit replacement, and I want to scream into a pillow. Here's hoping it's just a minor fix, and we're all on our (cold) way.

-pk, who's hoping yearly maintenance of the damn thing pays off

  • MONDAY: You can here me chatting with Deconstructeam's Jordi de Paco, which was a wonderful chat that first premiered at this year's LudoNarraCon. All of our LudoNarraCon collaborations will be part of the podcast feed in the weeks ahead on the public feed. In a few hours, there will also be a YouTube VOD of our LudoNarraCon demo showcase.
  • TUESDAY: Janet, Rob, and Cado get back together for a third (and likely final?) Manor Lords stream. They'll remember to think about food this time, right? RIGHT?
  • WEDNESDAY: Rob and Patrick were both smitten with the Fallout TV show, so while it does not involve samurai, sadly, we're going to record a podcast about one of the most successful video game adaptations yet. That'll drop next week.
  • THURSDAY: Remap Radio returns, and I can talk about Hellblade II.
  • FRIDAY: Remap Radio is published, and Cado and I will tackle another wave of tricky sphinx riddles.
  • ALL WEEK: We'll be publishing a few articles this week, including a new banger from Duncan Fyfe, but we're still working out the publishing schedule. I suspect Cado will be streaming some more Balatro, too.

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Patrick Klepek (he/him) is an editor at Remap. In another life, he worked on horror movie sets, but instead, he also runs Crossplay, a newsletter about parenting and video games. You can follow him on TwitterThreadsMastodon, and Bluesky.

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