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This Week at Remap

Rob Zacny

The weather is finally warming up here around Boston and you know what means: time for my office to become an unbearable inferno. You know how they had to carry Ayrton Senna out of his car because he was so exhausted and dehydrated after driving the Brazilian GP with half a working gearbox? That's me every time I finish a stream or play a game that spins up the video card fans for more than 20 minutes.

It won't stop us from spending time with you this week on lots of streams podcasts, however. We've got a pretty packed schedule, which means I'm gonna need to start breaking out the cooling vests and the big insulated water bottles. Like a knight donning armor. A thirsty knight of content.


The schedule for Remap this week, details in the text below.
  • Tuesday: For a special podcast interview, Patrick visited Stern Pinball to hear about the state of the art and the industry. Plus, he and Cado will be getting something ready for LudoNarraCon later this week. Be sure to check out the excellent conversation I had with Xalavier Nelson Jr, during which I fear I got so interested in him discussing his work process than I never actually led the conversation to a place where he could promote his work. This is why I don't get asked to do more of these things!
  • Wednesday: In the morning Cado and I are going to check out Manor Lords on stream for a couple hours. Then we're going to record a Shogun podcast for next week.
  • Thursday: After we record Remap Radio in the morning, we're going to stream more Content Warning at 2:30 Eastern. Hopefully this time we can get more than a couple thousand views on a video. And in the game etc. etc.
  • Friday: We'll be releasing Remap Radio and Patrick is going to spend a good chunk of the day playing more Dragon's Dogma 2 starting around 11.

Rob Zacny (he/him) is a cofounder and partner at Remap. In addition to his work at Remap, he is the host of A More Civilized Age: A Star Wars Podcast and a panelist on Shift+F1, a Formula 1 racing podcast. You can follow his increasingly inactive social media presence on Twitter, and Bluesky.

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