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Patrick Klepek

I'll talk more about this on Remap Radio this week, but I'm enjoying the hours I've spent with Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, the grief-inspired Metroid-style game from actor Abubakar Salim. (You can read my chat with him about it over here.) It's not even close to the best Metroid-style game released this year—it's hard to imagine anyone, besides Silksong, besting Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown—but it does that part well enough, and the beautiful art and emotionally story does enough.

-pk, who isn't looking forward to playing the apparently very sad ending

  • MONDAY: I finished recording [REDACTED] for something you should hear about [VERY SOON] that Remap is involved with.
  • TUESDAY: We chatted so much about hidden object games on last week's Remap Radio that we're tossing Rob and Janet at them, on stream, this week.
  • WEDNESDAY: My Turn rotates towards Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, and while we thought we were done with the atomic age, we might not be yet. I'll also be streaming Dragon's Dogma 2 in the afternoon. Scheduling this week is gonna prevent me from streaming all day. Better than nothing!
  • THURSDAY: We'll record Remap Radio. I'll also be on a secret trip to [REDACTED] to talk with [REDACTED], which I'm pretty excited about. How weird is it that [REDACTED] is so close to me?
  • Friday: Besides Remap Radio publishing, and besides Rob and I trying to process the Bears after the NFL draft, Rob and Cado will be spending much of the day streaming Motorsport Manager. Why? Because they might get fired in the game, and it lines up with us getting fired from VICE last year lol

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Patrick Klepek (he/him) is an editor at Remap. In another life, he worked on horror movie sets, but instead, he also runs Crossplay, a newsletter about parenting and video games. You can follow him on TwitterThreadsMastodon, and Bluesky.

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