Artist's rendering of what it looked like when the Remap gang went out for dinner on Saturday night.

This Week at Remap

Rob Zacny

The gang is recovering from a delightful PAX East right now, and as I write this Patrick and Cado are still traveling home. This is where a more professional operation would drop some photos of our meetup on Saturday, but we were so busy talking to folks we mostly forgot to take pictures. Which might make cynics among you think that nobody showed up, and we're hiding the embarrassing truth. But I assure you, despite ungodly awful weather, we took over about half that lobby bar. It was great meeting so many people who have been part of our community these past years, and we can't wait to do it again.

This week, we're keeping a light schedule, but that's not to say we're going into hibernation. We've got plenty lined up for you to enjoy, including a review of Jordan Mechner's memoir, Replay, from Duncan Fyfe. It was such a good piece that I just had to talk to Duncan about it and get into how it deepens or complicates our understanding of Mechner as an artist.

  • Monday: Duncan and I talk about his article on Mechner's graphic model memoir, Replay.
  • Tuesday: Cado and I stream Motorsport Manager.
  • Wednesday: We remind Cado to submit their expenses.
  • Thursday: We're recording Friday's episode of Remap Radio
  • Friday: In addition to releasing Remap Radio, if Patrick's schedule allows, he's going to start feasting on Dragon's Dogma 2. This might be the only way he has time to play it.

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Rob Zacny (he/him) is a cofounder and partner at Remap. In addition to his work at Remap, he is the host of A More Civilized Age: A Star Wars Podcast and a panelist on Shift+F1, a Formula 1 racing podcast. You can follow his increasingly inactive social media presence on Twitter, and Bluesky.

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