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This Week at Remap

Patrick Klepek

No, nothing is wrong with your email filter. These weekly newsletters are one of the things that fell through the cracks while we were doing our in-person stream in New York City, and then upon our return. I'm sorry. I should've just sent a short email saying "hey, this isn't happening" but there was so little time in-between going to and from New York, recovering from New York, and then preparing to be largely offline during the week after. A huge additional pain involved the monumental effort of getting an above ground pool setup in my backyard, the difficulties of which you'll hear in greater detail on an episode of HOA I'm going to record tomorrow with Rob. My back is still a little sore, and I still have mud that I'm finding under my fingernails, I think. It'll all make more sense soon enough.

-pk, who wishes he was enjoying this season of The Bear a little more

  • Monday: Planning! I did my best to keep up with email even when I was off last week, but it still left a million follow-up emails to be sent, not to mention the fact that a vacation I've had planned for a year now happens to coincide with our July 4th break, which means I'm stressed all over again preparing for that family event. My stress strategy is to not think about how much is left to do, and simply do what is in front of me, check it off the list, and then move onto the next. Otherwise, I can feel the anxiety creeping up my neck. It's not helping that the video game I'm mostly playing right now is the stressful Nine Sols, but weirdly, I find my time with that game to mostly un-stress me.
  • Tuesday: We'll record an episode of HOA where Rob talks me through a bunch of apartment stuff happening as he considers whether it's time to sell and move on, and I walk you through what it's like to build and fill a pool, only to realize that you did not account for a few things, and now you have to drain the pool, dismantle the pool, buy a bunch of stone pavers, and spend an afternoon digging holes in the rain. It was a thing, but hey, I've got a pool now.
  • Wednesday: HOA will publish, and we'll return to pushing a boulder up a hill, while chit chatting about how our holiday went. And no, I am not picking up from where I left off from the in-person stream. Instead, I have to start from scratch, because the game does not have cloud saves, and philosophically, it feels right my ass is forced to push that entire boulder up the hill all over again.
  • Thursday: Remap Radio gets recorded—with Janet, of course—and with any luck, we won't have to spend much of that time talking about Dr. Disrespect. Rob and I will hopefully publish a letter series about the summer by then, too.
  • Friday: Remap Radio goes live, and then Rob and Cado return to the world of motorsports with Motorsports Manager. I assume everything is going well?

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Patrick Klepek (he/him) is an editor at Remap. In another life, he worked on horror movie sets, but instead, he also runs Crossplay, a newsletter about parenting and video games. You can follow him on TwitterThreadsMastodon, and Bluesky.

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