A screen shot from the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces.

This Week at Remap

Patrick Klepek

It's back! I quietly paused this newsletter, out of worry we were ending up in your inboxes too often, but people overwhelmingly asked for this to come back. And so, apologies if you're someone who does think we send you too many emails. On the plus side, that's because we're doing some cool writing?

-pk, who is still trying to process having watched Zone of Interest this weekend

The upcoming Remap schedule.
The upcoming Remap schedule.
  • MONDAY: Listen to my interview with Jon Smith, head of retail at Limited Run Games, about the future of preservation. Also, claw machine mechanics.
  • TUESDAY: Rob and I will record an episode of HOA, which you'll hear next week. We're going to talk about budget shopping (i.e. groceries).
  • WEDNESDAY: Cado tries to finish (the original) Final Fantasy VII, while Rob boots up the Nightdive remastering of the LucasArts classic Dark Forces.
  • THURSDAY: Remap Radio recording time, plus the return of the wheel.
  • FRIDAY: You'll hear Remap Radio, and if we have time, a bonus stream.

If you have any support issues, send details on the issue to support@remapradio.com.

Patrick Klepek (he/him) is an editor at Remap. In another life, he worked on horror movie sets, but instead, he also runs Crossplay, a newsletter about parenting and video games. You can follow him on TwitterThreadsMastodon, and Bluesky.

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