Photo courtesy of the Chicago Bears

The Bears Are Not Back

Patrick Klepek & Rob Zacny

Remap is feasting.

Of course, by that I mean "the Chicago Bears are making some bizarre moves that's making everyone who cheers for them frustrated, and Rob and Patrick decided to turn their Discord messages into content." Look, we started Remap so we could spread our wings and fly, and this is what it looks like!!!!

(This is probably not the start of a trend. Two Bears posts in a week?)

The Bears decided to maintain status quo for the coming season. Bleh.

There's a lot that can still happen, but at the moment, shit feels bleak. We are likely to get into our feelings all over again on Sports!, whenever we decide to weigh in on the ongoing NFL playoffs, but for the moment, I guess it's time to bear down, because we don't know any better.

Rob: Patrick, I think we try to hit the “emergency pod” button pretty sparingly, and personnel decisions within the Chicago Bears are too niche even for a podcast that has basically turned into Rob and Patrick’s Chicago Sports Feelings. But I cannot express how deflated I feel by the news that the Chicago Bears seem to have decided that the only major problem they needed to solve with their leadership was the offensive coordinator and QB coach. News just broke they fired offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, and consequently it seems like head coach Matt Eberflus is coming back for a third season.

Last week I said that in my opinion, Justin Fields had probably shown enough to keep his job for another year under normal circumstances. He showed some growth and some flashes of greatness, especially thanks to his warhorse receivers DJ Moore and Cole Kmet. You’d be okay with letting things play out with this improving roster, and while the evidence suggests Fields might be more problem than solution as this team gets better, he’s the devil you know and he might still have a higher ceiling than we’ve seen him reach.

The problem for Fields is that the Bears lucked into the first overall pick in a draft with two quarterbacks who show a lot of potential for franchise-making greatness. Plus, they have another decent first-round draft slot thanks to their own mediocrity this year. This is basically the climax of Draft Day, a scenario so preposterous I think we laughed at the contrivances that movies creates to give Kevin Costner’s GM character a raft of high picks that let him remake is team in the course of a single night. Now it’s here! It happened to us! We’re the Frank Langella Cleveland Browns!

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